Is it safe to travel to Tuscany by motorhome at the moment, considering the recent floods?

Is it safe to travel to Tuscany by motorhome at the moment, considering the recent floods?

Is it safe to travel to Tuscany with a motorhome? Recent November 2023 floods have raised concerns about the safety of the region. Central Italy has experienced severe consequences due to heavy rains and the overflow of rivers, resulting in tragic losses. Two individuals lost their lives in Pistoia when a bridge collapsed, and another tragic incident occurred in Rosignano. Luigi D’Angelo, leading the Civil Protection rescue operations, reported a staggering 200 millimeters of rain within a three-hour period.

Tuscany grapples with challenging circumstances due to the devastating Tuscany flood in November 2023. Compounded by the presence of two significant rivers, the Bisenzio to the north of Florence, and the Ombrone in the southern region. The situation remains highly precarious. The Arno river expected to reach its peak in Florence around midday, contingent upon the cessation of rain, as reported by Governor Eugenio Giani. These unprecedented events necessitated the urgent relocation of patients from three hospitals to alternative facilities, while a multitude of buildings has suffered extensive damage. In response to this crisis, the defence ministry has launched a comprehensive rescue mission, deploying helicopters, trucks, and water pumps to provide critical assistance in the flood-affected areas, as confirmed by Defence Minister Guido Crosetto.

Video of Tuscany floods

Is it safe to travel to Tuscany right now?

The Italian Civil Protection agency has issued warnings about heavy rains and strong winds in central and southern Italy. A “red code” alert in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, and an “orange code” alert in nine other regions. Unfortunately, a person has gone missing in the Veneto region.

These incidents are linked to Storm Ciaran, following closely behind Storm Babet. Driven by a potent jet stream originating from the Atlantic. This has brought substantial rain and intense winds, leading to severe flooding in Northern Ireland, parts of Britain, Belgium, and France. Travelers are advised to exercise caution and stay updated on local conditions before embarking on their journeys to Tuscany with a motorhome.

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