Weinsberg Carabus Ford 550 MQ

Weinsberg Carabus Ford 550 MQ

Is Weinsberg Carabus Ford the best small camper?

Is the Weinsberg Carabus Ford the ultimate choice when it comes to small camper vans with a high roof? With its sleek and compact design combined with the benefits of a high roof, the Weinsberg Carabus Ford certainly stands out as a strong contender in the world of camper vans. Its efficient use of space and innovative features make it an appealing option for those seeking a compact yet comfortable travel companion.

The Ford base provides a reliable and familiar driving experience, while the high roof not only offers increased interior space but also the versatility to accommodate various travel needs. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or a couple on the road, the Weinsberg Carabus Ford proves to be a compelling choice for those in search of a small camper van with a high roof, ensuring a memorable and comfortable journey.

Technical details

  • Price from: 53.690 EUR
  • Length: 553 cm
  • Width: 206 cm
  • Height: 274 cm
  • Maximum weight: 3500 kg
  • Payload up to: 750 kg
  • Number of seats: 4
  • Number of berths: 2-3

Elegant interior

Firstly, immediately experience the spacious elegance of the Weinsberg Carabus interior. The arrangement of the refrigerator and the full-length wall cabinets creates open lines of sight, making the room feel incredibly roomy. The furniture design, characterized by rounded edges and soft lines, exudes a welcoming feel-good ambiance.

In addition, for your holiday adventures, the Weinsberg Carabus offers ample storage space beneath the cozy transverse double bed. With just one hand, you can effortlessly rotate the driver and front passenger seats, transforming the dinette for two into a comfortable dining area for four. Conveniently control the heating and on-board electrics from one central location using the TRUMA iNet X and LED control panel.

Practicality of Weinsberg Carabus Ford

Moreover, embracing a minimalist design with highly functional equipment, this Camper Van boasts practical stowage options, a unique sense of space, and intelligent solutions. The dinette easily converts into an additional sleeping area, and for added comfort, consider the optional bench extension. Furthermore, say goodbye to cumbersome table legs, thanks to the easy-entry table, allowing smoother access to the dinette, where up to four people can enjoy a comfortable meal together. Weinsberg Carabus redefines travel comfort. You can check Weinsberg manufacturer website for all the details.

The images featured in the gallery below are sourced from the official Weinsberg manufacturer’s website.

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