Camping Heraklia

A family-friendly campsite in Pieria, Greece, offering beach access, modern amenities, and activities for all ages.

Camping Heraklia is a charming getaway for those who love to camp by the sea and enjoy nature’s serenity. Nestled by the Heraklia Beach, it offers a tranquil retreat under the greenery of fruit trees with the crystal blue sea at its doorstep. The backdrop of the legendary Mount Olympus adds a touch of mythological wonder to the camping experience, making Camping Heraklia a unique spot for nature enthusiasts and myth buffs alike.

The campsite is situated in the region of Macedonia and Thrace in Greece, where it captures the essence of the Thessaly Mediterranean Sea’s calmness. Although reviews suggest that there might be room for improvement in certain aspects, the tranquil location compensates for it, making Camping Heraklia a place where one can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

For those seeking more than just a tent experience, Camping Heraklia offers luxurious rooms equipped with kitchens, fridges, private baths, and balconies. These amenities cater to families or groups of four, ensuring comfort without sacrificing the rustic charm of outdoor living. The proximity to Mount Olympus and the beach at N. Panteleimona provides a perfect blend of mountain and sea, a haven for relaxation and adventure.

Moreover, Heraklia Beach Camping & Apartments doesn’t only offer a stay but an experience with its beachfront restaurant and bar, set within a lush green area of 15,000 square meters. The accommodation options at Camping Heraklia boast views of the sea or the nearby castle of Platamonas, offering a picturesque scene to wake up to every morning. Whether it’s a day out in the sun or a cozy evening meal by the beach, Camping Heraklia caters to all the senses, making it a comprehensive destination for campers and travelers.



Neos Panteleiomonas, Pieria, Greece, 60065, Panteleimonas Beach, Greece


39.989634672714, 22.629690170288


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