Motorhome Parking In Reims

Official caravan park right in the city centre. The caravan park is in a small park by the river, under the trees. It’s a few minutes walk or bike ride to the centre. Water pouring and spilling is available, toilet just at the entrance to the car park area.

Parking is restricted to a 48-hour limit, and it offers limited space. There are eight designated parking spots for vans, and there may be room for smaller campers, but these spaces are quite close together, making them less suitable for vans exceeding 8 meters in length.

Access to the parking area is controlled by a barrier, and you can obtain the access code from the reception at the ‘Centre International de Séjour.’ To reach the reception, follow the path leading from the back of the service area, go to the right, and enter the building adorned with “Welcome” in various languages around its roof. Notably, there is no space check, so if you have a larger van or lack confidence in reversing, consider proceeding to the coach spaces and walking down to assess availability first. This parking area is exceptionally convenient for reaching the center of Reims, with the Cathedral just a 15-minute walk away.



3 Chaussée Bocquaine, Reims, Francúzsko


49.24997722708, 4.0214252471924


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