Problems with the motorhome gas system

Problems with the motorhome gas system

The following sections describe possible problems with the gas system and their solutions.

Smell of gas, excessive gas consumption

Leak in the gas system

  • Immediately shut off the entire gas system, cap off the gas cylinder and valves for gas appliances. Open the windows and doors and ventilate the motorhome.
  • Seek a specialist repairer to check the gas system.
  • Do not use electrical switches such as ignition switches or open flames and do not smoke.

Motorhome gas not working

The valve for the gas appliance is closed

  • Open the valve for the appropriate gas appliance. Gas valves are most often found in the kitchen area, under the sink or in one of the cabinets or drawers.

The gas cylinder cap is closed

  • Open the cap on the gas cylinder. Located directly on the gas cylinder, it opens counterclockwise.

The outside temperature is too low

  • Propane stops gassing at -32 degrees, Butane at 0 degrees Celsius. Wait for the outside temperature to rise.

Faulty gas equipment

  • Have the equipment inspected and repaired by a professional RV service.

Air in Truma SecuMotion

  • Push the green knob on the SecuMotion valve. This safety valve is located by the gas cylinders.

Blocked Crash Sensor

  • Push the green knob on the Crash Sensor valve. This safety valve is found on gas cylinders.

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