Rapido M66 ALDE – motorhome for winter camping

Rapido M66 ALDE – motorhome for winter camping

Exploring the Rapido M66 A-Class Série M motorhome reveals a vehicle that is not only luxurious and versatile but also well-suited motorhome for winter camping adventures. The M66 boasts a robust MERCEDES AL-KO chassis. Offering stability and a comfortable ride with its extra-wide rear track and storage double floor. The overall dimensions of the motorhome strike a great balance between maneuverability and spaciousness. Measuring 7.54 meters in length, 2.35 meters in width, and 2.95 meters in height.

The M66’s interior caters to both day and night use, featuring a spacious open living room with face-to-face bench seats and armrests. It provides twin beds for sleeping, which you can easily convert into a transverse double bed. Ample storage is provided, including a wardrobe at the foot of the beds. Additional storage spaces in the living room bench seats. The design of the kitchen is thoughtful, featuring a rounded layout. A deep 171-litre fridge, and a 32″ inbuilt TV unit, creating a homely environment for winter stays in the motorhome.

The construction of the M66 includes 100% shock absorption polyester for the roof, side walls, and underfloor protection. Ensuring durability and insulation. Manufacturers use polyurethane to make the floor bodywork. They construct the storage area with robust polyurethane, which enhances the motorhome’s insulation and comfort during colder months.

Rapido M66 Adle Heating system

The heating system in the M66 is particularly noteworthy in the motorhome for winter camping. It features ALDE Arctic Comfort Plus heating, with distribution through the living room table leg, and additional MERCEDES heating. This system is designed to provide a comfortable and evenly distributed warmth throughout the motorhome. The TRUMA windscreen heating duct helps to remove condensation, ensuring clear visibility during colder weather.

Storage solutions in the M66 are extensive and well-suited for winter camping needs in the motorhome. It includes a full-width storage double floor with internal and external access, a heated, lit double floor, and a heated garage/storage area. These features are essential for storing winter gear and equipment safely and conveniently.

The motorhome’s style and ambiance are enhanced by NACARAT furniture with contrasting, warm colours and light mineral laminate surfaces. LED ambient lighting in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Along with a bedroom indirect lighting dimmer, add to the cozy atmosphere, making it an ideal retreat after a day of winter activities.

Is the Rapido M66 the best motorhome for winter camping?

In summary, the Rapido M66 A-Class Série M motorhome is a sophisticated, comfortable, and well-equipped vehicle. It is perfectly suited motorhome for winter camping. Its robust construction, efficient heating system, ample storage, and luxurious interior make it an excellent choice for those seeking adventure and comfort in the colder months.

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