What should every camper van definitely have?

What should every camper van definitely have?

As with caravans, a converted camper van depends on how you plan to use it. Are you only going to use the van to go camping, or do you want to use the van specifically for off-site camping?

Whether you want to go camping or not, you need to sort out the following basic things.

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Every converted van needs the following 3 things

  • insulation
  • ventilation
  • a comfortable bed.

Do you even need insulation?

You’ll need insulation in the summer for warmth, in the winter to keep the heat in and also to soundproof it when you’re driving or sleeping.

Ideally, insulation should be stuck to the floor, ceiling and walls of the van. The windows in caravans are double glazed, so they don’t need insulation. If the van has been converted, it is a good idea to buy or sew insulating screens on the side windows.

What kind of ventilation should I put in the van?

Skylights are most commonly fitted to a van, ideally with a fan. This will allow the van to air out from the heat or while cooking. Adequate ventilation will prevent condensation on the walls or glass of the van

It is also ideal to have opening side windows on the van. I have often come across the opinion against any windows. However, I personally can’t imagine spending time in a dark hot box. We have windows on all sides in the van and I quite like looking out through them. If I don’t want to be seen inside in the evening, I black them out.

Comfortable bed

The bed should be long enough and comfortable. In campervans there are so-called rock-n-roll beds, which consist of seats. The mattresses are not always comfortable enough, so it’s a good idea to throw in a thin 5cm topper.

The width of the bed in the VW California is 110cm, length 200cm. Most commercial vans on Ducato chassis sleep the width of the van. Therefore the bed length is 190-195cm maximum, the width is usually from 130 to 150cm.

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