Discover the Best of the Dolomites: Ski Resorts and Hidden Gems for 2023/2024

Discover the Best of the Dolomites: Ski Resorts and Hidden Gems for 2023/2024

Skiing is my favorite sport and we do also winter camping for last 8 years. Actually our very first campervan trip was in winter. We spent 2 months mostly on mountains as we were hunting for the pow. While planning our next trips we put together information about Dolomites ski resorts. We would like to share them with you so you can enjoy your next Dolomites skiing season. No matter if you are traveling by motorhome or staying at hotel, map with ski resorts is valuable.

Why anybody would travel in motorhome in winter?

The advantage of staying in a van instead of a cozy hotel or apartment is flexibility. We go where it snows or where the sun shines. It depends on us what we want. Last two years we travel with our dog Bira and we spent a lot of time in nature with her. Freedom in travel is what we value most. We like freeride and that’s why we choose our skiing according to the weather. We also combine it with visiting places or other attractions.

However, it also has some limitations. Therefore, deciding whether to go in a motorhome or to choose a cozy accommodation in the mountains is still a difficult choice. If you are new to traveling by motorhome, check our Basic section where you find a lot of useful info. The charm of accommodation facilities in the snowy Dolomites right next to the ski resorts has its own charm.

Why go skiing in the Dolomites in Italy

Embark on a winter wonderland adventure in the Dolomites, Italy’s crown jewel of skiing destinations. Known for their breathtaking beauty. It has UNESCO World Heritage status. The Dolomites offer an unparalleled skiing experience with a perfect blend of pristine slopes, modern facilities, and picturesque scenery.

Whether you’re a seasoned skier seeking challenging descents or a beginner looking for gentle runs, the vast array of ski resorts in this region cater to all levels. Beyond the thrill of skiing, the Dolomites enchant with their unique blend of Italian and Tyrolean cultures, offering cozy mountain huts, exquisite local cuisine, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

This guide will take you through the best ski resorts in the Dolomites, providing insider tips and essential information to help you make the most of your alpine getaway.

Winter sport opportunities in Dolomites ski resorts

The Dolomites are famous for their world-class winter sports opportunities. You can enjoy activities like skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and ice climbing. The region’s well-maintained trails and ski resorts cater to all skill levels, from beginners to experts.

Besides the exhilarating outdoor activities, winter camping in the Dolomites also allows you to experience the tranquil beauty of the mountains under a blanket of snow. Refresh yourself in a peaceful and picturesque camping adventure. You can enjoy not only winter sports but also a culture events. Staying in the Dolomites during winter is an experience that combines adventure with the serene beauty of nature in its most pristine form.

Italian Dolomites ski resorts

Dolomites area is quite big with many skiing resorts. I have put together the list of most known. However we will add also some smaller resorts which may attract as well. information about skiing resorts in Dolomites. Also I have listed campsites which are open during winter season.

Colfosco Dolomites Skiing Resort

Here’s a list of some of the skiing resorts in the Dolomites, each offering unique experiences:

  1. Arabba: Known for its high altitude and spectacular scenery, Arabba is an unmissable destination in the Italian Dolomites.
  2. Canazei: Characterized by its rustic buildings, narrow streets, and traditional charm, Canazei ski resort has an effervescent character.
  3. Alta Badia
    • Corvara: A family-friendly resort, Corvara offers gentle slopes around the village and is also great for those looking to ski the Sella Ronda.
    • Colfosco: Located at the foot of the Sella Ronda circuit, Colfosco is surrounded by gentle pistes, making it ideal for beginners.
    • San Cassiano: Situated just above 1,500m, this ski-in ski-out village is a historical gem, offering picturesque views of the Dolomites ski area.
    • La Villa: With its high altitude, La Villa ski resort is known for fantastic snow conditions, suitable for beginner and intermediate skiers, as well as non-skiers.
  4. Cortina: Dubbed the Queen of the Dolomites and Italy’s most fashionable ski resort, Cortina is a small town encircled by impressive peaks.
  5. Madonna Di Campiglio: This affluent town in the Dolomiti is known for its chic hotels and embodies ‘la dolce vita’.
  6. Val Gardena: A must-visit destination offering Tyrolean culture, culinary delights, and access to the renowned Sella Ronda circuit.
  7. Kronplatz: Offers challenging mountain biking trails with steep descents, technical sections, and breathtaking views.

Each of these resorts offers a unique blend of skiing opportunities, scenic beauty, and cultural experiences, making them perfect destinations for winter sports enthusiasts.

Accommodation during your ski trip in Dolomites

Camping in the Dolomites during winter offers a unique and unforgettable experience for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. This majestic mountain range in northeastern Italy transforms into a winter wonderland, blanketed in snow and offering breathtaking views. Winter camping in the Dolomites is ideal for those seeking a serene escape in the midst of stunning alpine scenery.

Despite the colder temperatures, many campgrounds in the Dolomites remain open, equipped with facilities to ensure a comfortable stay. These campsites often provide heated washrooms, electricity, and even cozy communal areas where you can warm up after a day exploring the snowy landscape.

List of opened campsites during winter in the Dolomites

Winter campsites in the Dolomites are equipped to handle the cold, offering heated facilities, including restrooms and showers. Many provide electricity hookups, ensuring a comfortable stay even in the chilly weather. Accessibility to nearby ski resorts is a key feature, with some campsites offering shuttle services.

These sites often have on-site amenities like restaurants or small shops for basic needs. Booking in advance is advisable, as winter camping in the Dolomites is popular. Campsites vary in size and facilities, catering to both tent campers and those with motorhomes or caravans. Always check for winter-specific regulations and gear requirements to ensure a safe and enjoyable camping experience. Some of them require minimum stay.

Food in Dolomites Skiing resorts

The cuisine of the Dolomites is a delightful fusion of Italian, Austrian, and Ladin culinary traditions, reflecting the diverse cultural heritage of the region. This unique blend gives rise to a variety of flavorsome dishes that are as heartwarming as they are hearty. One of the staples of the local diet is ‘polenta’, a versatile cornmeal dish that can be served soft or grilled, and often accompanies game meats or rich stews. Another must-try is ‘canederli’, bread dumplings typically filled with speck (a smoked ham), cheese, or spinach, and served in a broth or with a salad. Cheeses like the robust ‘Puzzone di Moena’ and the milder ‘Dolomiti’ cheese are local favorites, reflecting the area’s strong dairy farming tradition.

Sweet treats are also an integral part of the Dolomites’ culinary scene. ‘Strudel’, a layered pastry filled with apples, raisins, and cinnamon, is a popular dessert inherited from the region’s Austrian influences. Another delightful dessert is ‘zuppa inglese’, a trifle-like confection made with sponge cake, custard, and a touch of liquor. Meals are often paired with local wines, like the crisp and aromatic white wines from the Alto Adige region, or a warm mug of ‘vin brulè’, the Italian version of mulled wine, perfect for chilly evenings. Dining in the Dolomites is not just about the food; it’s an experience that encapsulates the warmth of mountain hospitality, the richness of cultural convergence, and the soul-satisfying pleasure of dishes made with age-old, mountain-inspired recipes.

Kaiserschmarrn is also typical in Dolomites.

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